While some students are funneling beers and ripping it up on the beach during Spring Break, others are giving back.

In the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia, students from the University of Delaware spent their time off working on a home for a local resident.

They are part of a program called UDaB, or University of Delaware Alternative Break.

Jesse Watters took a trip to the area to talk to students working on the project, and to hear from the homeowner.

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One student told Watters her team was working about nine hours per day on the project.

Asked why he chose to visit the Mountaineer State instead of the beach, another student told Watters the project was something much bigger than himself.


Another student said it has become somewhat of a custom for him to engage in service projects to help his community, or in this case, someone else's.


"It's the most rewarding thing you could feel," another student said.

The homeowner, Preston, told Watters how much he appreciated the students taking time to work on his home instead of joining their friends at the shore.


Meanwhile, on the Gulf Coast, other college student were showing off skills other than carpentry and woodworking.


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