Republican consultant Roger Stone debated the legitimacy of claims of Trump-Russia collusion with talk show host Bill Maher last night, and offered the panel a special cake.

Maher alleged that Stone and a few other former or current members of President Trump's team had Russian connections despite the president's claims to the contrary.

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"So he doesn't know you, he doesn't know his son-in-law?" Maher said, referencing Jared Kushner's willingness to meet with Sen. Richard Burr's (R-N.C.) intelligence committee to discuss past meetings with foreign officials.

Stone, a former adviser to President Nixon and then-candidate Trump, said he was being "maligned" by members of Congress who appear to suspect he had contact with Russian interests while advising Trump.

"[There is] no evidence or proof, just inference," Stone said. He added that his contact with hacker "Guccifer 2.0" is being misinterpreted because, among other reasons, the anonymous figure is Romanian, not Russian.

"That's a giant obvious lie," Maher responded.

Stone, 64, said "nobody that I know of" was colluding with Russia in favor of Trump, and that investigators should instead probe former Clinton campaign manager John Podesta, who he said had "bank deals, gas deals, and others" in the country.

He said that Podesta's history is mostly the reasoning for a tweet about the Democratic adviser's "time in the barrel" that was published shortly before the contents of Podesta's emails were.

Stone said he would be more than happy to offer his explanation under oath to Congress without subpoena.

"I'm not asking for immunity, I was maligned by members of the committee," he said.

Stone, who supports legalizing marijuana, later offered Maher and fellow guests former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.) and former NSA Director Michael Hayden a "marijuana cake" for Maher's 420th episode.

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