Former Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta wrote in an op-ed last week that President Trump is "on a rampage to endanger the planet" by stripping environmental regulations.

Podesta, who also served as President Bill Clinton's former chief of staff, wrote in the Washington Post that Trump's "rampage" is counter-intuitive to the "reality" of climate change.

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He wrote that the World Meteorological Organization said the past three years have been the hottest ever recorded, and added that sea ice is being reduced at the poles.

"The Trump administration's rampage against the environment presents an existential threat to the entire planet," he said.

Podesta said a majority of Americans believe climate change is real, and compared that number to the popular vote majority that Hillary Clinton won in 2016 that did not translate into an electoral victory.

"We need to do all we can to stop the Trump administration and Republican leaders in Congress from implementing the most anti-environmental agenda in decades," he wrote, adding that the president will likely offer "handouts" to the fuel industry.

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