Eric Bolling said the reason that the media "dissects" every tweet President Trump publishes is because they are frustrated that he is not concerned with their feelings.

"Give the man a chance," Bolling said, comparing the media to "bees buzzing around a hive," following every move the president makes.

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"They hate Trump and he really doesn't care-- and that just drives them crazy," Bolling said.

He said Trump does not care about their "feelings" and that in turn, they break down every tweet and statement he publishes.

The media have a right to be concerned, Bolling said, because his Twitter reach is reportedly larger than that of the major news networks combined.

"Ignore the elite media... they really don't matter," he said.

He added that Trump is successfully swapping the Obama administration's "deportation" of jobs that want to stay, with the deportation of illegal immigrants who wanted to stay in the United States.

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