Meghan McCain called out a professor who triggered outrage this week when he tweeted that he wanted to "vomit" when he saw an airline passenger give up his first-class seat to a uniformed soldier. 

George Ciccariello-Maher wrote that he wanted to "yell" about Mosul, Iraq, and the civilian deaths occurring there amid battles between U.S.-supported Iraqi forces and ISIS fighters.

On "Outnumbered" today, McCain said she wouldn't have been able to hold back her anger if she was face-to-face with the professor. 

"I'd be on YouTube and probably be fired. I can't handle disrespect of any kind on any level for the men and women who sacrifice so much!" she said. 

McCain said anyone who knows or is related to a service member fully understands what they sacrifice, including sometimes their lives. 

"How dare you? ... If you don't like it, go someplace else and see how free it is in the Middle East," she said.

Mike Huckabee and McCain agreed that if they had a child attending Drexel, they would pull them out of school in protest.

Drexel said in a statement that Ciccariello-Maher's comments "were made outside the classroom, are his own opinion and do not represent the University’s views." 

Watch McCain's comments above and watch Tucker Carlson's interview with the professor. 

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