Kellyanne Conway says that President Trump has been working hard to push through his bold agenda, but the media only wants to focus on negatives, like the failure of the Republican ObamaCare replacement bill.

Conway, a key counselor to Trump, said that health care reform will happen, and it's just about bringing together all the factions of the extremely diverse Republican Party.

"There were moderates who ended up not supporting it. There are conservatives who ended up not supporting it," Conway said. "But that’s the price of success for having a very diverse party."

She said she was very encouraged to see the leadership Trump showed during the ObamaCare debate, and she thinks he will eventually be able to get the party unified behind a health care bill.

"The legislation has to represent the disparate opinions and, most importantly, what the president has promised to do in repealing and replacing ObamaCare," Conway said. "It’s not sustainable and it's not affordable, so it will get done."

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