Two familiar Democrats were out and about in the past day, going after President Donald Trump.  

Earlier today, Hillary Clinton slammed the proposed Trump administration budget in a speech at Georgetown University about women in politics.

"This administration's proposed cuts to international health, development, and diplomacy would be a blow to women and children and a grave mistake for our country," she said. 

The former First Lady also indirectly jabbed Trump for failing to stick to "research and facts."

Meantime, former VP Joe Biden was asked Thursday what his top piece of advice to Trump would be right now. He advised the president to "grow up" and stop tweeting. 

On "Outnumbered," the hosts discussed the criticism, with Eboni Williams highlighting the need for Democrats to start putting out some new spokespeople. 

"Why these two? It's time for the DNC and the party to decide there's going to be a new way, new blood, new voices, a new narrative," she said, arguing that the party needs "compelling" figures and arguments if they want to win in 2018. 

Williams said as an independent she believes it's good for the country to have "two strong, thriving parties."

Meghan McCain agreed, saying Clinton continues to use "identity politics" focused on women, a strategy that failed in the election. 

"The more you preach about this, the more [that] pro-life women like me feel less attached to the left," said McCain.

Watch the full discussion above. 

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