The Republican Party must end the "GOP circular firing squad" and come together "for the good of the country," Sean Hannity said in his opening monologue tonight.

He explained that there's a lot of Republican infighting following the failure of the ObamaCare replacement bill.

Hannity said he understands why President Trump - and others - have blamed the Freedom Caucus for the American Health Care Act not receiving enough votes in the House.

"I think this anger is misplaced," Hannity said, explaining that the Freedom Caucus was never consulted on the bill until it was rolled out.

He said that the whole ObamaCare issue was messed up from the start, and the unprepared legislative branch "failed the president."

Hannity said Republicans need to be asking themselves one question after the health care debacle: "How do we solve the problem for the American people?"

He said that GOP lawmakers from all corners of the party need to come together and hammer out a bill that the American people actually "want, need and desire."

"Solve the problem," Hannity said. "Find the solution."

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