There's a new sheriff - actually a principal - in town in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. 

After taking over in January, Lisa Love issued suspension notices to almost half of the 1,100 students at Harrisburg High School, PennLive reported.

Officials handed out 500 suspension notices at the beginning of this week as part of a truancy crackdown. 

They said many parents were able to provide documentation so previous absences would not be recorded as unexcused.

Love said she wanted to do something "radical" to send a message amid the school's struggles with low test scores and graduation rates. 

And Love also pointed out that many students who do show up don't actually go to class, instead hanging out in the halls, cafeteria or in the gym. 

"If you're not in class, all you're here to do then is to wreak havoc upon the school and disrupt the work that we are trying to do here. And that's to focus on student achievement," she said.

Watch remarks from Love below.

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