A California college professor who called the election of President Donald Trump an "act of terrorism" is being honored as her school's Faculty Member of the Year.

Olga Perez Stable Cox, who also called Vice President Mike Pence "one of the most anti-gay humans in the country," was bestowed the honor by a committee of faculty, students and management at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa.

Cox drew lots of criticism for her comments to the human sexuality class in December, but refused to apologize.

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Joshua Recalde-Martinez, a leader of the campus' College Republicans, said on "The First 100 Days" that he's outraged over the remarks and the award. 

His group posted the student's classroom video, which then went viral. Recalde-Martinez said he's received death threats since that time and been labeled with a racial slur.

A graffiti message on a campus window referred to Martinez and his fellow College Republicans as "fascists."

He accused supporters of the left-wing group Antifa, which bills itself as an anti-fascist activist group, of being behind the threats.

Martinez said the group was involved in the violent protests Feb. 1 at UC-Berkeley over a planned speech by Milo Yiannopoulos.

"They mean business. They will do physical harm," he said.

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