A humorous video of a man running down a Detroit street with a kangaroo on a leash is making the rounds on the Internet.

The seven-second video, which was originally posted to Snapchat on Monday night, shows a man set a leashed kangaroo on the ground.

The animal quickly begins hopping down the street, and the man takes off running to keep up with it.

A crowd of people can be seen watching along the side of the street.

It urns out, the man is Javon Stacks, and he runs a company called Exotic Zoo, a traveling zoo that brings exotic animals to schools, libraries and kids’ parties.

“You have many inner city kids, they don’t have any transportation to the zoo, their parents don’t have the finances,” Stacks said. “So we perform at libraries and schools for free and through grants. We like to educate people.”

He was doing a show in the neighborhood when the Snapchat user just happened to drive by.

He said the animal featured in the video is a two-year-old red kangaroo named Darwin.

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