The official press outlet in Pyongyang called an insult by Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) a "little short of a declaration of war", and the senator later responded in humorous fashion.

McCain called North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un a "crazy fat kid" in an interview with MSNBC, adding that the 285-pound, 33-year-old Kim was less stable than Josef Stalin, the Daily Caller reported.

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The Korean Central News Agency called McCain's remark "a grave provocation" that showed the "worst hostility toward [North Korea's] ideology, social system and its people."

The state mouthpiece added that McCain's comments were also a "little short of a declaration of war," apparently on the behalf of the United States.

McCain took to Twitter to brush off the bristled response, asking if he should have instead called Kim "a crazy skinny kid."

Around the time North Korea was sparring with McCain, they also appeared to take Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) to task because the conservative called for the country to be re-added to the list of state-sponsors of terrorism.

The North Koreans responded by calling Cruz and McCain dogs "knowing no fear of the tiger."

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