A Pennsylvania college professor said he wanted to "vomit" after an airline passenger gave up a first-class seat for a uniformed member of the armed forces, Heat Street reported.

Drexel University Professor George Ciccariello-Maher, who was criticized last Christmas for saying the only gift he wanted was "white genocide", said he wanted to "yell about Mosul" when he saw the act of kindness on the plane.

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"Some guy gave up his first-class seat for a uniformed soldier. People are thanking him," Ciccariello-Maher tweeted, "I'm trying not to vomit or yell about Mosul."

Mosul is an Iraqi city seen as the last major ISIS stronghold in the region. Iraqi troops, with the support of U.S. forces, are trying to oust ISIS from the city. 

Conservative columnist Kurt Schlichter called Ciccariello-Maher an "irrelevant", while another blogger questioned why parents would spend $42,000 per year to send their kids to the West Philadelphia school that employs him.

In December, he tweeted that "All I want for Christmas is white genocide."

Ciccariello-Maher, who is white, called that remark "a joke" because "white isn't a race."

He also previously caused outrage by claiming the fact 4,000 white people were killed during the Haitian Revolution was a "good thing."


UPDATE, 3:45pm ET: Ciccariello-Maher released a statement to FOX 29 in Philadelphia, writing:

Two days after U.S. airstrikes incinerated an estimated 200 civilians in the Iraqi city of Mosul, I sent a personal tweet in reaction to what I considered a smug and self-congratulatory gesture by a first-class passenger toward a uniformed soldier. Maybe predictably, my tweet has since been fed into and misrepresented by the outrage machine that is right-wing media. Needless to say, my personal views expressed off-campus have absolutely nothing to do with those of my employer, Drexel University.

In its own statement, Drexel said Ciccariello-Maher's comments "were made outside the classroom, are his own opinion and do not represent the University’s views."

The professor has since set his Twitter account to private. 

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