Mayor Mike Rawlings (D-Dallas) discussed his meeting with Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly and mayors of several other "sanctuary" municipalities.

Rawlings said he was impressed with Kelly, saying the retired general wants the "same things" the mayors want: for their citizens to be safe.

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"Nobody wants those murderers or rapists to live on their streets," he said.

Rawlings said he wants to "de-politicize" the issue and focus on public safety and how to protect all those living in his city.

He said most of the illegal immigrants are law-abiding but agreed that those who commit further crimes must be addressed.

Martha MacCallum noted that Dallas may be in danger of following Travis County, Texas, in having some state funds withheld after it opened an office in city hall to aid refugees fearing deportation.

"We both want Dallas safe," Rawlings said of Gov. Gregory Abbott (R-Texas).

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