A New Mexico contractor who entered his firm as a bidder for President Trump's planned border wall slammed the politicization of the bidding process.

Final bids for the potential government contract are due Wednesday.

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Mario Burgos, the son of an Ecuadorian immigrant, criticized the California cities of Berkeley, Oakland and San Francisco, which introduced legislation to effectively boycott firms like his for bidding on the wall.

He said such legislation hurts small businesses and the families that depend on them.

"I think it's very unfortunate," Burgos said, calling the cities "confused between immigration policy and border security."

Elizabeth MacDonald noted that one in ten bidding firms are Hispanic-owned, and Burgos said that all of them are proud American citizens.

He said he hasn't seen an instance where the prospect of creating jobs in a state like his, with the highest unemployment rate in the region, has been met with such politicization.

"It's terrible... for us to tell employees we're not going to bid on that and bring jobs to our communities," he said.

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