Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently announced that the Justice Department plans to withhold federal funds from "sanctuary cities" that protect illegal immigrants from federal authorities.

One of the most aggressive sanctuary municipalities in the country is Travis County, Texas, wherein the capital of Austin is located.

State Representative Eddie Rodriguez (D-Austin) said on "The O'Reilly Factor" that he supports Sheriff Sally Hernandez' position against abiding by federal directives regarding illegal immigrants.

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"I have to believe that Sally Hernandez and law enforcement thinks that this is the best policy," he said. "I don't believe she's violating federal law at all."

Rodriguez said an Immigration & Customs Enforcement detainer is a request, and that federal law does not mandate that municipalities obey them in order for ICE to deport individuals.

Bill O'Reilly said Hernandez is required to hold any illegal immigrant lawbreaker under the civil statute they fractured when they entered the country illegally.

Rodriguez said that Travis County has the discretion to decide which detainers to honor, as Hernandez will mostly honor those for individuals charged with capital crimes.

O'Reilly said Rodriguez is also raising funds to offset over one million dollars of state money that Travis County has failed to receive because they consider themselves a sanctuary county.

Such public fundraising will also be used to offset any cuts the Trump administration enacts on the county.

Governor Greg Abbott (R-Texas) has already withheld $1.5 million from Travis County, which Rodriguez said is hurting innocent residents.

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