The professor who invited controversial sociologist Charles Murray to the Notre Dame campus said the author's visit was less riotous than his previous speeches.

Murray, whose 1990s book "The Bell Curve" contends that a person's intelligence is determined by factors like class, upbringing and race, was invited to the home of the Fighting Irish by Professor Phillip Munoz.

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Matt Finn reported that there were some protests by people who disagreed with Murray, including one woman he spoke with who accused the author of being a racist.

Munoz added that the students were "better than the faculty" at the event, which he called a "good debate."

Tucker Carlson noted that his account sounded "old fashioned," since many controversial speakers on campus are often met with violence or larger protests, like that of Milo Yiannopoulos and Murray's previous college visit in Vermont.

Munoz said he took some "heat" from the faculty for inviting Murray, but explained that Notre Dame is a "university, and people need to be heard."

"The vast majority of students do believe that we should... listen to both sides and learn," he said.

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