Internet pranksters have turned an Indiana man's Facebook post into a viral campaign toward Cracker Barrel. 

It all started when a man named Brad Byrd asked why his wife, Nanette, had been fired on his birthday. He wrote that she lost her job after 11 years of service at the location in Corydon.

He wrote on the local restaurant's Facebook page. 

After a comedian, Amiri King, noticed the post, more and more people started responding, using #BradsWife and #JusticeForBradsWife on social media.

The story then made its way to local news reports last week. Byrd told WAVE-TV that he was not upset at the staffers at the Corydon location, saying he only took issue with the company's corporate office for his wife's firing.

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Cracker Barrel has not responded, despite the international attention and an astonishing number of commenters hijacking their Facebook and Twitter posts for days now. 

For instance, last week's video about the restaurant's new "Cast-Iron Pressed Maple Bacon n’ Jam Burger" quickly turned into an outpouring of support for Brad's wife. 

The top comment received more than 10,000 likes: "You know who loved cast iron skillets? BRADS WIFE. But now she has to use regular skillets because you fired her after 11 years of quality service #justiceforbradswife #bobevanswouldnthavefiredher #beardsforbradswife."

The company's Wikipedia page briefly stated: "Number of employees: 70,000, minus Brad's wife." It has since been changed back.

Even the Evansville, Indiana police department joined in...

A petition in support of Brad's wife has more than 23,000 signatures.

According to Ad Week, engagement on the company's digital content has spiked 226%, thanks to Brad's wife.

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