Charles Krauthammer said that if Congressional Republicans fail to take another attempt at replacing ObamaCare, it would be "ruinous" for their 2018 electoral prospects.

"It's not just a promise betrayed, it's just a complete inability to govern," Krauthammer said on "Special Report."

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Despite motions to the contrary, Republicans must eventually return to crafting ObamaCare repeal-and-replace legislation in due time, he said.

He noted that Republicans ran on ObamaCare repeal for seven years, and were "unprepared" when the time to take action came.

Krauthammer offered that in the fall, when next year's premiums and deductible figures are released, and when insurers must decide whether to stay in the ObamaCare exchanges, the system will be "in a state of collapse."

At that point, he said, Republicans would be wise to pack a bill full of all of their replacement goals, irrespective of whether those provisions need a 60-vote plurality in the Senate.

"The leadership decided to tailor the legislation to the niceties of the reconciliation rules in the Senate," he said of the failed bill.

Then, it would be Senate Democrats who the American people will see filibustering the replacement to a system that is collapsing and hurting more people by the year, he said.

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