Former Lieutenant Gov. Betsy McCaughey (R-New York) said Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) misled Congress and President Trump as he crafted the failed ObamaCare replacement bill.

"He looks like a boy scout but he wasn't prepared," McCaughey, author of "Beating ObamaCare" said, in reference to the Boy Scout motto of 'Be Prepared'.

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McCaughey said the conservative House Freedom Caucus was not the main party to blame in the American Health Care Act's failure.

"From the beginning, Paul Ryan misled the president about the number of votes he had," she said.

McCaughey said Ryan also misled Congress into thinking a health care plan must be passed before any tax reform proposals.

"This was a problem of hubris," she said, adding that Ryan mostly refused to have legislators outside his circle negotiate the bill's makeup.

She pointed out that health insurers must decide by May whether to participate in the exchanges and if so to set their premiums for 2018. 

Millions of Americans depend on the marketplace, she said, noting the approximately eight million people who instead pay the penalty not to be insured.

The compromises offered by the Freedom Caucus were not ideological nor unreasonable, she said.

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