This week on "Watters' World," Jesse Watters was given a special tour of Ronald Reagan's California ranch.

Watters was at the "Rancho del Cielo," or 'Ranch in the Sky,' in Santa Barbara, Calif. to speak to members of the Young America's Foundation.

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Ranch director Andrew Coffin told Watters that Reagan purchased the 688-acre property in 1974 while he was California's governor.

The 40th president spent Thanksgiving at the ranch every one of the eight years of his presidency, but remained in Washington at Christmastime so that his staff could be with their families, he said.

Coffin said the ranch was indeed Reagan's "Western White House" because he spent nearly an entire years-worth of days there during his term.

Secret Service Agent John Barletta told Watters that one of the things he remembered best about working for the president was that the American people always came first to him.

"After the attempted assassination, [Reagan said] 'Whatever God's given me left, I'm going to do it the best that I can for the American people," Barletta recalled.

During his tour, Watters even got the rare opportunity to sit in the exact chair Reagan did while he made important calls to astronauts in space and former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

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