Conservative Review editor Michelle Malkin said that Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) should not have effectively given himself an "A for effort" in the wake of his ObamaCare replacement vote failure.

On Friday, Ryan said the House "came really close" to replacing ObamaCare, adding that he was proud of his caucus' work.

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Malkin addressed Ryan, warning him not to "break your arm patting yourself on the back."

"That's not covered under ObamaCare or RINOcare," she said on "Fox & Friends".

She said that she is one of millions of people who have been harmed by Obamacare and that Ryan's "faux-peal" would not have made a difference.

Malkin said Ryan's remarks showed he wanted an 'A' for effort, but because conservatives are "measured by results and not rhetoric," he deserves a "big fat F."

Conservatives judge themselves on how well they can reduce the scope of government, Malkin said.

In the end, President Trump may regret endorsing Ryan's reelection, as the president put his trust chiefly in the speaker as opposed to grassroots conservatives, she said.

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