Fox & Friends celebrated Medal of Honor Day on Saturday by honoring two recent recipients of the military's highest honor.

Lance Corporal Kyle Carpenter discussed how in 2010, he jumped in front of an enemy grenade to save a fellow Marine in Afghanistan.

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He said he only remembers a few seconds of the attack, but recalled being in a "mud hut outpost" during a daytime skirmish when he took his heroic action.

Five weeks later, he woke up in Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington.

"The military is so incredible," he said. "[They] instill into us to look out for each other and to care for each other," he said.

"Those that truly deserved to wear [the medal] never made it home from the battlefield."

Sergeant Dakota Meyer recalled being in Afghanistan in 2011, and being convinced by a local village's elders that they had renounced the Taliban.

When it was evident that Meyer and his team were "set up" by the leaders, he disobeyed orders and continued to go "in and out", engaging in firefights to get fellow Marines out of harm's way.

"I'm not a recipient, I'm a U.S. Marine that received the Medal of Honor," he said.

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