Video Note: Brief language warning.

A Florida man was given a court summons after being videotaped setting up a makeshift table in a busy intersection and chowing down on pancakes.

Kiaron Thomas was seated shirtless, wearing green pajamas at a collapsible table on Memorial Boulevard in Lakeland, Fla., pouring syrup on his hotcakes and eating them.

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Onlookers can be heard laughing as Thomas, 21, appears unfazed as several cars and a large tractor-trailer are forced to either stop or go around him as he sits.

"There's a gentleman sitting in the middle of the road with a folding table, eating," a man told the local 911 center according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Thomas was later found by police at his home near the intersection.

He was given an April court date to appear on charges of disrupting the flow of traffic and placing an obstruction in a roadway.

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