Rasmea Odeh, a convicted Palestinian terrorist, is set to leave the United States - but avoid prison time - in a deal reached with federal prosecutors in an immigration fraud case. 

Odeh, 69, will plead guilty next month to failing to disclose her stint in an Israeli prison when she applied for American citizenship. 

AP reported:

Odeh was scheduled to face a second trial in Detroit after winning an appeal of her 2014 conviction.

She was to be allowed to show she suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and that was why she didn’t disclose her past when she was interviewed in Detroit during the citizenship process in 2004.

Federal Judge Gershwin Drain didn’t allow the evidence during Odeh’s trial. In 2014, she was convicted of lying to get U.S. citizenship and sentenced to 18 months in prison. She’s been free during her appeal.

But a member of her legal team, William Goodman, said Thursday she’s agreed to plead guilty on April 25 in exchange for no time in prison.

According to the New York Post, Odeh was convicted for her role in two terrorist bombings, one of which killed two students shopping for groceries at an Israeli supermarket in 1969.

Odeh spent 10 years in prison but then managed to become a U.S. citizen in 2004 by lying on her application. 

Odeh, who claimed she was tortured into a confession, was freed by Israel in a prisoner exchange in 1979. 

A statement posted to the "Justice for Rasmea" website claimed she cannot get a fair trial in the United States federal court "under the regime of racist Attorney General Jeff Sessions."

Odeh made headlines in recent weeks for helping organize the "Day Without a Woman" strike.

Odeh and other female activists called on women around the world to join them in a "new wave of militant feminist struggle."

She also reportedly worked as an ObamaCare navigator briefly in 2013 in Illinois before officials learned of her past terrorism conviction. 

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