ObamaCare architect Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel debated Ed Henry this morning on the fiscal stability of the Affordable Care Act as House Republicans move toward a vote on repealing and replacing the legislation. 

Emanuel, a Fox News contributor who helped write the current law and met with President Trump this week about the repeal efforts, pushed back on the idea that the law is in a death spiral. 

He said premiums are not going up in every state, citing Indiana and Massachusetts as examples of lower premiums and conceding that there are still issues that must be fixed. 

Henry challenged Emanuel on how the law was rolled out, explaining that "goodies" - like allowing young people to stay on their parents' plan longer - were implemented first, before President Obama's re-election campaign. 

Emanuel called that a "misrepresentation," arguing that the CBO believes ObamaCare will reduce the deficit by $350 billion more than the new GOP plan. 

"The tab going forward is stable. ... It's actually quite fiscally stable," he said, explaining that taxes to pay for ObamaCare were introduced immediately. 

"The top 1 percent are paying for expansion of coverage and that's the way it should be. The insurance and drug companies are paying for expansion of coverage because they're making more profits on more people getting insurance and [prescription] drugs and that's a fair way of going," he argued. 

Emanuel said there is nothing in the Republicans' American Health Care Act about cost control, only "cost-shifting."

Watch the full interview above and stay tuned to Fox News Channel throughout the day for full coverage of the health care vote. 

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