From Air Force One to the Western White House, Jesse Watters is on the move again this weekend. 

One week after interviewing President Trump aboard the presidential airliner, Jesse took a trip to the historic Reagan Ranch, Rancho del Cielo.

President Ronald Reagan and First Lady Nancy Reagan spent about a year at the California ranch during their eight years in office and the ranch looks just as they left it. 

"They have all the clothing still hanging up, they have the old-school TVs, the furniture is right out of the 80's. It was a really special place," said Watters on "Fox & Friends."

The ranch, which sits atop the Santa Ynez Mountain range near Santa Barbara, was where Reagan famously rode on horseback with the First Lady. 

Among the ranch's countless historic items is a favorite chair of the 40th president, from where he spoke to astronauts in space and world leaders.

See a sneak peek above and don't miss the full segment on "Watters' World," Saturday at 8pm ET on Fox News Channel. 

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