Democrat Rosa DeLauro (CT) went off on the Republicans' proposed health care bill, holding up a sign on the House floor that read "Get Old People."

"What does the GOP stand for? 'Get Old People.' That's what this bill does," she said. 

DeLauro said the bill, which is scheduled for a vote this afternoon, will impose an "age tax on older Americans" and make their health care unaffordable. 

She also said 24 millions will lose their insurance while shifting costs to states under the American Health Care Act. 

In a compelling back-and-forth this morning, ObamaCare architect Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel debated Ed Henry, pushing back on arguments that the current system is in a death spiral. 

On the flip side, HHS Secretary Tom Price accused Democrats of refusing to negotiate after Nancy Pelosi said that President Trump was making "rookie" mistakes during the process.

Price said he believes Democrats will be willing to negotiate once the bill reaches the Senate. 

"I believe there is a great opportunity to bring them to the table as well and improve the system," he said on "Fox & Friends." 

Watch the discussion below.