An Illinois mom took to Facebook after her preschooler was suspended for bringing a spent shell casing to school. 

Kristy Jackson said her 4-year-old son was suspended for a week from the A Place 2 Grow school after the teacher notified her that he had brought a "shotgun bullet" to school. 

Jackson said it was actually a spent .22 caliber bullet casing that Hunter picked up off the ground while his grandfather, a police officer, was target-shooting.

She said her son put it in his backpack to show his friends and that she and her husband did not know he had it.

Jackson explained on Facebook:

I was handed a piece of paper. No words, just eyebrows raised in disgust at my son, explaining that his behavior warranted a 7 school day suspension. Which I still was expected to pay tuition for, of course. And a threat that if his enthusiasm for guns continued, he'd be permanently expelled. See, here's the thing. This was a teaching moment. He never hurt anyone, or threatened anyone. This could literally happen to ANY CHILD who happened to find one on the ground and thought it was cool. He does not have access to ANY weapon in our home. This could have been handled by explaining appropriate behavior at school.

He's 4. This doesn't hurt him, or teach him, or help him. Just his parents, who do not condone bringing these kinds of things to school. Ever. Had we known, we of course would have stopped it. But every time he or another child mentions a gun (like every boy I grew up with did) they punish him.

A school official said Hunter's parents were warned previously about his pretend gun-play, including in the days right before the incident.

The school reportedly also notified the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services over the suspension.

Read the Facebook post above and see more on the story at FOX 2 St. Louis

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