New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio isn't just "dumb," he's "dangerous," Greg Gutfeld said tonight on "The Five."

Gutfeld explained that de Blasio uses "cheap grandstanding" to hide the fact that his policies endanger the lives of New Yorkers.

He pointed out that de Blasio on Tuesday ordered public school staffers not to allow immigration agents to enter school buildings.

Gutfeld noted that there have not been any incidents where ICE agents have tried to enter city schools, and de Blasio is simply pretending to be a hero by protecting the city from "make-believe threats."

"De Blasio isn't just dumb, he's dangerous," Gutfeld said, arguing that de Blasio's policies let dangerous criminals out of prison and onto the streets.

He pointed to a disturbing case that happened just last week, in which an ex-con - who had more than 30 prior arrests - ran down a medic and mother of five in her own ambulance.

"A judge, just appointed by the mayor, had the chance to hold this maniac, but let him go, free then to murder a mom," Gutfeld said.

"So while Mayor McFreak fakes compassion by creating a comic book threat of ICE invaders, his bumbling, incoherent policies turn innocents into sitting ducks for madmen," Gutfeld said. "The threat isn't from immigration agents. It's progressive punks who put politics before safety."

"And so, in New York, madmen can roam free. And even become mayor."

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