Republican leaders canceled a vote in the House on the plan to replace ObamaCare Thursday, after leadership's attempts to lobby enough votes apparently failed.

President Trump and Republican leaders had spent much of the day scrambling to get both moderates and conservatives on board with the increasingly unpopular legislation.

Rep. Raul Labrador (R-ID), a member of a House Freedom Caucus, joined Neil Cavuto today to explain why he's still a "no" on the American Health Care Act.

"Our biggest concern in the Freedom Caucus is to make sure that health care costs go down and health insurance premiums go down," Labrador said. "This bill does not accomplish that."

He said the House Republicans' bill is a good "first step," but they need to make sure to "get it right" before it can pass.

"Nobody likes this bill. They're just voting for it because their leadership is asking them to do it," Labrador said. "Can we get to a bill that the American people like?"

Watch more above, and see Meghan McCain explain why she thinks Republicans risk the 2018 midterms if they don't come together on an ObamaCare replacement.

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