Republican leaders canceled a vote in the House on the plan to replace ObamaCare Thursday, after leadership's attempts to lobby enough votes apparently failed.

President Trump and Republican leaders had spent much of the day scrambling to get both moderates and conservatives on board with the increasingly unpopular legislation.

A new date for a vote on the ObamaCare repeal-and-replace legislation has not been set, so what does this all mean for Trump's agenda?

On "Special Report" tonight, Chris Stirewalt said it's important for the Trump administration that this does not stretch on into a "weeks-long ordeal."

He pointed out that only about 17 percent of voters approve of the Republicans' American Health Care Act, according to a new Quinnipiac poll.

He said since the bill is "broadly unpopular," it wouldn't be devastating to the administration if it gets voted on and, as expected, House Freedom Caucus members kill it.

Stirewalt said that would mean that Trump could turn his attention to tax reform and his economic plan, which he seems to care more about.

"The thing for Trump is, if this becomes a weeks-long ordeal ... you're going to see a lot of air go out of the balloon," Stirewalt said. "I would say, 'If you're going to fail, fail fast.'"

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