Some parents are speaking out after a lesson at an upstate New York high school about Adolf Hitler and fascism reportedly referenced President Donald Trump. 

Two mothers, part of a local activist group called "Conservative Chicks," told "Fox & Friends" they see the lesson as "left-wing indoctrination" and that the comparisons to Hitler and Benito Mussolini cross the line.

The local superintendent defended the Saratoga Springs High School curriculum, saying that lessons "about fascism as a political movement in the context of World War II is part of the curriculum."

He said cartoons featuring Trump were shown to the students in the context of asking them to debate whether they were fair comparisons. 

According to Todd Starnes, the lesson was posted on the school district website, but has since been hidden.  

Julie Tellstone said this morning that the school board met last night, but she was disappointed not to hear the controversial lesson mentioned.

Watch the full interview above.

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