Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) said on "Your World" that the Republican health care bill "is going to fail."

Lee said the bill does not have enough support in either house of Congress.

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Neil Cavuto said that Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) voiced the opposite guarantee earlier in the day.

"This bill is going to fail," Lee said. "If they know something that I don't, perhaps they'll be smiling 24 hours from now."

He said Ryan's bill does not follow through on the promises Republicans made in election season: repealing Obamacare in its entirety and lowering prices for medical coverage.

Hundreds of millions of Americans will be left with a much higher health care bill under Ryan's plan, Lee said, despite Ryan's guarantees of the opposite.

"It's just not accurate. If we were getting 80 percent of what we wanted, I'd be voting for this," Lee said, "in the 2015 bill, we repealed all the taxes. I don't see why we should be doing anything less."

He dismissed the idea that the Republican leadership will be able to follow through on their entire three-bill process to revamp the health care system.

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