Charles Krauthammer said that failure to pass an ObamaCare replacement bill would certainly damage Donald Trump's presidency.

"It's a little early in the presidency to say [it's] make or break," Krauthammer said. "It would certainly really damage the Trump presidency."

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Krauthammer cast doubt on Republicans ultimately failing to pass a replacement bill because the fate of the presidency and House speakership is on the line in 2018 if voters are unhappy.

He added that there is also what he called the "Cruz option," wherein legislators add a change to the existing bill to strip mandated coverage.

But, he said such a move would have to be written carefully so a potential future health and human services secretary could reinstate the mandate.

"That would be a reasonable offer to give to the conservatives and guarantee its passage," he said.

James Rosen pointed out that there are still a number of conservatives who are cool to the bill even with its changes, including Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.).

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