Lt. Col. Ralph Peters (Ret.) responded this morning to reports that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will visit Moscow next month. 

Tillerson will, according to Reuters, also stay home for a visit with Chinese President Xi Jinping at President Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort, rather than attend the April 5-6 meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Brussels.

The White House has announced that Trump will travel to Brussels for a NATO conference in late May.

Peters, a Fox News strategic analyst, said the Tillerson itinerary is bad symbolism for the United States to show the world right now. 

"It just sends an utterly wrong message," said Peters, highlighting that Tillerson plans to go to Moscow, not meet Russian officials in a third country. 

He also cautioned those who have "knocked" the usefulness of NATO, explaining that he served in units dedicated to NATO during his military career.

"NATO is the biggest bargain the United States gets. Peace is cheaper than war and NATO keeps the peace," said Peters, adding that he hopes Trump "sticks to the script" when he meets with the alliance.

President Trump met last week with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, later tweeting that "Germany owes vast sums of money to NATO & the United States must be paid more for the powerful, and very expensive, defense it provides to Germany!"

Watch the discussion from "America's Newsroom" above.

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