Washington Post associate editor Bob Woodward said that allegations from a report that say President Trump's transition team was named in surveillance reports of foreign individuals would be "gross violations."

A couple of diplomats who were legitimately wiretapped were talking about meeting Trump or his team, Woodward said on "The O'Reilly Factor."

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However, U.S. intelligence agencies are supposed to comply with "minimization" rules, which protect Americans' names from being published in reports or leaked in any way, he added.

"The idea that there was intelligence value was really thin," Woodward said.

"You've got this really serious problem potentially of people in the Obama administration passing around this highly classified gossip," Woodward said.

He called the leaking of such names "inappropriate" and possibly illegal. If Nunes' statements are true, it would be a "gross violation."

They knew this information was floating around the intelligence agencies, Woodward said.

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