Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke said the two individuals suspected of raping a 14-year-old girl at a Maryland school are the latest examples of failed sanctuary city policies.

While Montgomery County, Md. is not formally a sanctuary county, but on a list of municipalities that do not always cooperate with ICE.

"It breaks my heart to hear [about] Angel Moms," Clarke said, "That's the stuff that angers me," he added, calling sanctuary cities an example of "failed policies."

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He referred to two illegal immigrants suspected in the Rockville, Md. High School rape as "subhuman creeps."

"One of those guys was out awaiting a deportation hearing," Clarke said, "we don't need to change the law... just honor [detainers]."

Clarke called sanctuary cities obvious havens for criminal activity and said he thanked God that Donald Trump is now president and will handle those communities accordingly.

I don't know how any official can sit back and say our communities are stronger because of illegal immigration, he said.

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