Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), one of the most vocal left-wing critics of President Donald Trump, took to Twitter this morning with a very blunt message. 

"Get ready for impeachment," she wrote.

Waters has mentioned impeachment multiple times before, but the latest one comes after FBI Director James Comey said Monday that there is an ongoing counterintelligence investigation into possible "coordination" between Trump's campaign and Russia.

Waters claimed last week that sexual allegations made against Trump in an unverified dossier were "absolutely true" and a month ago called members of the Trump team "a bunch of scumbags."

After the hearing yesterday, Waters called Trump a "liar," and blasted Comey for also interfering in the election. She blamed the Russians and Comey for an overall "misinformation campaign that led to the election" of Trump. 

On "Fox & Friends" this morning Laura Ingraham warned that Democrats are going to keep focusing on alleged ties between Russia and the Trump campaign in order to hurt his credibility.

"They want him out. ... They want him to resign or be impeached. Let's be really blunt with what's going on here," he said.

Watch the interview, here.

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