Congressman Peter King (R-New York) said the mainstream media neglected to report key points made by the FBI director at Monday's hearing before his committee.

King, of the House Intelligence Committee, said that while reporting that FBI Director James Comey dismissed President Trump's tweets about the Obama administration "wiretapping" Trump Tower, the media missed key testimony about recent leaks of classified information.

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Comey testified about the marked severity of several leaks from within the Washington bureaucracy, including the identity of Gen. Michael Flynn [Ret.] during a surveilled conversation with the Russian ambassador, and the unsubstantiated dossier with tawdry allegations against the president.

No matter what Trump said on Twitter, King said, the leaker or leakers committed a felony in disclosing Flynn's name.

NSA chief Adm. Mike Rogers said there are 12 to 20 people who have the power to "unmask" someone like Flynn in that circumstance, Martha MacCallum said.

Regarding the dossier, King said there were only four known people in the room discussing it with Trump: Comey and three other agency leaders.

"The systematic leaks against this president are disgraceful," King said.

He offered that Trump should clarify his tweets about being wiretapped to include nuances like his stated concern about the misuse of information from investigations regarding his campaign.

There was "clear illegal conduct," he said.

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