In his Opening Monologue, Sean Hannity said that Democrats are feigning moral outrage about wiretapping claims being quashed by the FBI director, while ignoring the severity of classified information leaks.

FBI Director James Comey said that "no president" can unilaterally wiretap anyone, and that he has "no information to support [Trump's] tweets" that accused President Obama of such activity.

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Hannity said that Democrats and the mainstream media have used the term wiretapping before, noting a New York Times article from January with a front page story about the possibility of surveillance activity.

"While Democrats feign moral outrage, they are missing the real scandal here," Hannity said.

He said that laws were indeed broken, by unidentified government officials who leaked classified information to the press.

"Every one [leak] is a felony," he said, adding that the party's collective silence on the issue in today's hearing shows they are not bothered by the leaks.

Hannity also questioned why Comey has not yet identified any suspected leakers despite testifying that leaking information like Gen. Michael Flynn's identity from a tapped phone call is illegal.

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