In her Opening Statement this week, Judge Jeanine Pirro slammed the liberal left for "changing the rules" in order to push their political ideology.

Pirro pointed to demonstrators setting fires in public and blocking ideological opponents from speaking at colleges, as well as recent rulings on President Trump's executive actions.

"This is bigger than a travel ban, bigger than a debate question," Pirro said. "The left is changing black letter law and journalistic standards and the Constitution in order to satisfy their agenda."

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She slammed U.S. District Court Judge Derrick Watson of Hawaii for blocking Trump's travel ban, saying Watson essentially "burn[ed] the Constitution" to stop President Trump from using his plenary powers.

"Since when do you look outside the four corners of an executive order... and reach back to what a president said on a campaign trail?" Pirro asked, after Watson ruled against the Trump administration this week.

She also criticized the court for declaring that citizens of the six countries should be awarded certain First Amendment protections.

"Maybe we ought to put them in Section 8 housing and send them over some mobile homes," Pirro said. "Judges cannot make decisions based upon their politics or their dislike for the president."

Pirro blasted former Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Donna Brazile as a "lying, scheming, Machiavellian Democrat" after Brazile admitted to passing debate questions to Hillary Clinton from her post at CNN.

Brazile previously repeatedly denied any involvement in such an action.

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Watch the clip above and read the full transcript below:

They are changing the rules before your very eyes.  This is bigger than a travel ban bigger than a debate question.  The left is changing black letter law and journalistic standards and the constitution in order to satisfy their agenda.  They are simply intolerant of opinions that differ from theirs. 

And so they burn buildings in their black ninja outifts at berkeley to stop an invited guest from exercising his first amendment free speech; they burn the constitution in their black robes to stop the president from exercising his plenary powers to protect americans, and they throw journalism ethics to the wind and promote a liar to democratic national committee vice-chair.  Their goal:  guilt *you* into believing *you* are the racist, intolerant, stupid, uncharitable bigot.   You can not buy into their narrative.  You must stay the course. 

This week, a judge from Hawaii puts a nationwide halt to the president's second temporary travel ban from six arab countries. Within this new travel ban-religion is not used as a preference or an exception.  In fact it removed exemptions for religious minorities although i wish they would have kept it since asylum status can be prioritized based on religious persecution.  The new executive order temporarily halts travel unless you already have a visa or a green card. 

Judge Derrick Watson, a Harvard genius, however, blocks the ban, saying it prevents hawaiians from receiving visits from their relatives in

Somalia, sudan, iran, libya, yemen, and syria... And harms tourism from those countries, as well as hawaii's ability to recruit from places like syria.   

Hey judge watson- not for nothing-hawaii hasn't taken in one refugee from those countries. But now you want to be in the forefront of a national controversy and block donald trump's executive order?  Since i dont think hawaii has a nexus or even standing with these countries, i recommend that all refugees-all 100 thousand of them-go direct to hawaii.  Go right past new york, chicago, california, and come straight to you.  At least then you might have a plausible argument that hawaii is

Connected to somalia, sudan, iran, libya, yemen, and syria.  And then you're welcome to be at the forefront of this national controversy. 

And this week, Donna Brazile, that good christian woman, finally finds redemption and confesses that she passed on debate questions to her girlfriend, hillary clinton, which didn't do hillary much good-which shows you how bad hillary really was.  Of course this good christian woman-accustomed to persecuton as she was- had previously denied passing on these debate questions.  Take a look: 

What a lying scheming machiavellian  democrat.  And she uses as a defense to her lie, that she's being persecuted as a christian.  It's not only unseemly, it is demonic.  I didn't say democratic.  Although it could be. It's demonic.  And then she continues the narrative that its all really the russians fault. 

Folks this is crazy.  Since when do you look outside the four corners of an executive order or any contract and reach back to what a president said on a campaign trail. 

Where there is no ambiguity, there is no need to go outside the four corners of the document.  If that were the law, the big question in the first excecutive order-what about people with visas or green card holders-which was answered by white house counsel - should have been accepted.  But it wasn't because it wasn't in the order itself.  And so the judge was right not to reach beyond the order to find the answer.

And  to sugest that the first amendment establishment clause applies to people in somalia who are not even citizens, who don't have visas or green cards that we should wrap them in the cloak of the united states constitution when theyre thousands of miles from our shores… is outright lunacy.  Maybe we ought to put them in section 8 housing and send them over some mobile homes. 

Look--  judges can not make decisions based upon their politics or their dislike for the president.  And likewise, journalists like donna brazile should not be able to lie their way into the vice chair of the democratic national committee…  that in itself should give you pause for what the standards are in that party. 

Stay the course.  They are wrong.  You are right.  In more ways than one.