Support for the current president of the United States forced two Chicago music store owners to close their business because of threats and negative publicity they were receiving.

Suzzanne Monk and Alexander Duvel own "Worlds of Music Chicago" but will be shuttering their brick-and-mortar business in April because of extenuating circumstances, they told "Fox & Friends Weekend."

Monk said she visited the University of Illinois-Chicago to attend the infamous Trump rally that was ultimately shut down by protesters last summer, and she and her husband later posted about the experience online.

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"We actually drew some attention from the left, and they 'outed' us at that point as Trump supporters," she said.

Since then, she and Duvel have received online threats and a decline in business, and that word of the duo's political beliefs have led customers to be fearful of recommending or even visiting their shop.

"[It was] like I was just become more of a liability to them, because they couldn't associate or recommend my shop... simply because of their peer group being so seriously anti-Trump," Duvel, a musician and repairman of exotic instruments, said.

Monk said that even people the two have known for a long time have "decide[d] we're white supremacists, we're xenophobes, not out of any evidence... only evidence that we have voted for Donald Trump."

Clayton Morris remarked that it was another example of the "tolerant" Chicago left's activity.

Morris reported the two poured their life savings into running the store, and will close the retail part of their business, focusing on online sales and repairs.

Duvel and Monk set up a GoFundMe page to help with some of their costs, Morris said.

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