Eric Bolling said Saturday that President Trump's most ardent critics are not the media or the Democrats, but the establishment Republicans.

"They fight him, they make ridiculous demands, they put up political roadblocks," Bolling said on "Cashin' In."

He said the "RINO" establishment unsuccessfully tried to derail the "Trump Train" last year and continues to act in a "panicking, hemorrhaging [and] influencing" manner.

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Most notably, Bolling said, Speaker Paul Ryan's (R-Wis.) ObamaCare replacement bill is a "fat flop" which would hurt the exact people that elected Trump.

He said its passage would sink Trump's 2020 reelection prospects and is not supported by those Republicans whom the voters elected with the promise to efficiently repeal ObamaCare.

Bolling said the senator portmanteau of "John Lindsey McCain Graham" is Trump's most passionate opponent within his own party.

"Who are these two has-been senators to demand the president do anything for them?" he asked.

He called on the South Carolinian and Arizonan to "get on board [the Trump Train] or get out of the way."

"The Trump Train is an express to prosperity, no stops in RINO-Land planned," Bolling said.

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