Saint Patrick's Day may have been Friday, but National Football League quarterback Colin Kaepernick is having no luck finding a new job for the 2017 season, Sandra Smith reported.

Kaepernick, 29, the longtime man-under-center for the San Francisco 49ers is now a free agent and has been unable to score a new contract with another team.

An anonymous general manager from one of the teams in the NFL's American Football Conference (AFC) said Kaepernick has three major points working against him.

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The manager told Bleacher Report that 70 percent of teams "genuinely hate him, and can't stand what he did," referring to his season-long national anthem protest.

"They think showing no interest is a form of punishment," the manager said.

Some teams believe Kaepernick cannot play at a high level anymore, and others fear fan backlash if they were to sign him to their roster, the manager added.

John Lynch, San Francisco's general manager and a former player himself, said re-signing Kaepernick is a long shot after the team signed two new quarterbacks, the San Jose Mercury News reported.

Kaepernick reportedly said recently that his days of protesting the "Star-Spangled Banner" are over.

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