President Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel held a meeting at the Oval Office on Friday, followed by a joint press conference minutes later.

In a somewhat frosty encounter, Trump and Merkel discussed the Syrian refugee crisis, cooperation on terrorism and how to grow both countries' economies.

On "The First 100 Days" tonight, Chris Wallace said he was actually more struck by what the two leaders didn't say.

He explained that "Russia" and "Putin" did not come up during their news conference, which is notable because they have very different views of what level of threat the Kremlin poses.

Wallace added that Trump and Merkel also didn't discuss their "very sharp differences" on the European Union and what role it should play.

"I was struck more by what they didn't talk about than what they did talk about," Wallace said.

Watch more above, and tune in to Wallace's interview with House Speaker Paul Ryan on "Fox News Sunday."

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