In a unanimous vote, the Berkeley City Council passed a resolution this week to divest from any company involved with President Donald Trump’s border wall.

The March 14 resolution denounces the presidential executive order to build the wall, and recommends the city divest from any company involved in the design, building, financing or other aspects of the project.

Berkeley, where a protest against right-wing provocateur and former Brietbart News editor Milo Yiannopoulos recently turned violent, became the first city in the country to pass such a law, the East Bay Express reported.

"Our city is one that is known for breaking down walls, not building them," Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin said, according to the Express. "We will continue in that tradition regardless of what happens at the federal level.”

Stuart Varney, on the other hand, thinks that this resolution is another sign that the left has lost its collective mind.

"Berkeley will not allow free speech or free commerce," the Fox Business Network host said on Friday. "But where do they stop?"

He wondered what other companies Berkeley might avoid doing business with on moral grounds.

"Banks? Forget it. Tobacco? No way. Goldman Sachs? Are you kidding? Oil companies? You must be joking. Pipeline companies? Never."

Varney said that other industries - such as alcohol and cannabis - never have to worry about being targeted in Berkeley.

"I think the left is trying to make the country ungovernable," Varney said. "Whether it's students on campus, Democrats in Congress, protesters on the streets or unelected judges in the courts, the aim is the same: Stop Trump from doing anything."

Watch Varney's monologue above, and see Sean Hannity explain why he thinks the alt-left is "going to new extremes" to delegitimize Trump.

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