Ann Coulter joined Sean Hannity tonight to react to President Trump's meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and one of the issues on which the two leaders most disagree: refugees.

Coulter, who has long been outspoken in her criticism of U.S. immigration policy, said that she supports Trump's "extreme vetting" policy because the safety of the American people is paramount.

She said that in addition to concerns about radical Islamic terror, Western countries are now dealing with tens of thousands of Middle Eastern refugees who have very different worldviews and values.

Coulter warned that it can be very dangerous for a country to bring in people who have no interest in assimilating.

"What are we getting out of this?" Coulter asked. "It’s one thing if we’re bringing in nuclear scientists or engineers. I don’t think we’re getting a lot of those. But the vast majority of refugees are just instantly coming in, sucking up welfare that’s meant for our people."

Watch more above, and see Coulter explain why we should stop immigrants who "rip off government programs."

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