A Florida sheriff is putting an unusual "spin" on his department's search for wanted criminals.

Each Tuesday, Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey singles out a new fugitive with his game "Wheel of Fugitive."

Here’s how it works: Ivey spins a wheel with the pictures of ten wanted criminals attached to it.

Whichever photo the wheel lands on is declared the unlucky "winner" and is the person the department will search for with help from all the Facebook users who watch the video.

Ivey says the game - which is based on the long-running game show "Wheel of Fortune" - has helped catch dozens of wanted felons.

"We basically came up with the idea because we not only wanted to get fugitives off the street, but we wanted to engage our public, our community, and help protect our areas," Ivey explained on Fox Business Network's "Risk & Reward" today.

He said that he had watched "Wheel of Fortune" for many years, so the idea just seemed to fit.

"It's worked even better than most of us thought," Ivey said, noting that 76 percent of the "Wheel of Fugitive" winners turn themselves in or are apprehended within three days.

"It's really been very engaging for the community," Ivey said. "Hardly anywhere we go, somebody doesn't say, 'I watch 'Wheel of Fugitive' every Tuesday night.'"

See more from Ivey above, and check out this week's edition of "Wheel of Fugitive" below.

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