MSNBC's Rachel Maddow has now responded to the backlash over her report on President Donald Trump's leaked 2005 tax return. 

Twitter exploded over the potential "big reveal" after this tweet shortly before her show Tuesday night:

But the return ended up being only a few pages, without any scandalous information. Maddow said those who tuned in to hear about a huge scandal expected too much.

"Because I have information about the president doesn't mean that it's necessarily a scandal," she told AP.

"It doesn't mean that it's damning information. If other people leapt to that conclusion without me indicating that it was, that hype is external to what we did."

Maddow said on "The Tonight Show" (video below) that the "bombshell" right now is that the tax returns are starting to leak out after Trump "tried so hard to keep them secret."

Trump responded last night in an interview with Tucker Carlson, calling the illegal release a "disgrace." 

Watch more from "America's Newsroom" above and take a look at all the reaction from yesterday on Fox News.

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